Today we are being constantly bombarded with information, be it on the street, on the train, on TV, radio. The Internet is a wonderful communication tool, but day after day we find ourselves constantly dealing with information overload. Today, the internet presents a new challenge, the wide and unregulated distribution of information requires new visual paradigms to organize, simplify and analyze large amounts of data. New user interface challenges are arising to deal with all that overwhelming quantity of information.

About Marcos

In 1998 while pursuing undergraduate studies in Architecture, Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Argentina, I received a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education to continue my studies in Japan.

Marcos Weskampphoto by mr phillip

I graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College as a Graphic Designer in 2001 and since then I have worked as a graphic designer, interface developer and art director for companies such as Bascule, Razorfish Japan and Dentsu. In 2004, together with Basement Factory Productions we founded B2, an Interaction Design R&D studio based in Setagaya before Adobe convinced me to move to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today I am part of the Advanced Technology Labs, Adobe's research effort where creative technologies that later are incorporated in future applications are born.

In March 2010, I decided to join a yet to be named startup company based in a dark and humid garage in Palo Alto, California. On the brink of insanity after so much coffee and bacon, we are working against the clock building a super-secret product, that I'm not going to tell you anything about.

...or you really thought I was going to spill all the beans here? More news soon!

I sometimes find myself doodling in code… not really knowing what I’m doing, just trying to come up with interesting visuals, patterns or animations. They later become the base of much bigger applications.


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Marcos Weskamp

Marcos Weskampphoto by Gen Kanai


  • July 2005, FITC, Experimental category
  • November 2004, Ars Electronica, Award of distinction
  • May 2004, Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards 2004
  • January 2001, special award, Tokyo Designer Gakuin graduation project
  • January 2000, Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, final year project, Bronze Award


Selected Presentations

  • Adobe Max 2008, San Francisco, USA
  • FITC Seoul 2008, Seoul, Korea
  • Flash on the Beach 2007, Brighton, UK
  • FITC Chicago 2007, Chicago, USA
  • Flash Conference 2007, Stuttgart, Germany
  • See Conference 2007, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Flash on the Beach 2006, Brighton UK
  • APMT2 2006, Tokyo, Japan
  • OFFF 2006, Barcelona, Spain
  • FITC Winnipeg 2006, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Bergen University of the Arts, Bergen, Norway
  • Macromedia MAX 2005, Seoul, Korea
  • Macromedia MAX 2005, Singapore
  • Okinawa forum 2005, Okinawa, Japan
  • Flash Forward 2005, New York, USA
  • FITC 2005, Toronto, Canada
  • Ars Electronica 2004, Linz, Austria
  • Macromedia MAX 2004, Tokyo, Japan