"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."

Paul Erdos

Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs. Start exploring your contacts by entering your flickr username or the email address you used to register there.

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watchout, this application can be a really harsh on your CPU, refrain from opening if you're with a weak machine
concept, design & frontend coding:
  Marcos Weskamp

backend coding
  Marcos Weskamp

FlickrGraph uses Flickr API
kudos to Fabricio Zuardi for his AS2 flickr API.
[2005-08-02] - published
[2005-09-02] - featured at flickrblog
[2005-09-02] - link viraly spreads around the web
[2005-18-04] - wins FITC awards 2005 - experimental category